Journal for Studies in Management and Planning

Journal for Studies in Management and Planning (JSMaP) with ISSN 2395-0463 aims to enhance the study of economic issues such as open economy macroeconomics, international factor movements and business, exchange rate movements and determination, international trade theories, trade policy, FDI, international capital flows, external debt, regional trade agreements, foreign aid, international trade organizations, world economic programs, impacts of globalization, global capital markets, global economic integration and cooperation, global economic inequality, intellectual property rights, optimum currency areas, and other timely and concerned global or international issues. JSMaP also welcomes scholarly contributions from officials with government agencies, international agencies, and non-governmental organizations.

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Scope of Publication in JSMaP Journal:

• Commercial policy
• Communications
• Comparative studies
• Cross-cultural issues
• Diversity issues
• Economic development
• Economic integration
• Exchange rates
• Finance and investments
• Fiscal and monetary policy
• Globalization
• Human resource management
• Information
• Industry-specific issues
• Intellectual property
• Labor issues
• Law and governance
• Managerial decision making
• Marketing
• Multilateral institutions
• Multinational corporations
• National and regional studies
• Outsourcing and offshoring
• Pedagogical issues
• Regionalism
• Regulatory issues
• Technology transfer
• Trade in goods and services
• Transportation